Electric Water Heater Repair Fresno

Electric Water HeatersElectric Water Heater Repair Fresno

Direct-fired electric water heaters for houses usually make use of one or two 240- volt resistive heating elements that draw about 4,500 watts each. When electrical energy is put on the heating element, the resistance to the flow of present in the aspect produces heat. The heat created is transferred directly to the water. In larger water heaters, you will find 2 of these heating elements, one on the leading and one on the bottom says Electric Water Heater Repair Fresno.

As the hot water is used up, cold water comes into the tank at the bottom and is heated up by the lower element. As cooler water makes its method towards the top of the tank, the upper element begins. Despite the fact that there are 2 heating aspects in an electric water heater, only one is triggered at a time, rotating in between leading and bottom. This enables the water to be uniformly heated up without the demand for higher electrical service to the water heater. An electric water heater’s conversion of electricity into heat, and the heat’s transfer to the water, are almost 100 percent reliable. With a gas or oil water heater, a portion of the heat created by the flame goes out the flue, and additional energy is lost in heat transfer between the flame and the water.

An electric water heater could be more expensive to run due to the greater expense of electrical power in many parts of the US.  Here is some more information from Energy Star too.

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